Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Laptop Repair Service: Dell Service center Dubai

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In addition to our main laptop repair service location located in Dubai, UAE we have now opened an additional Dell Service center in Dubai, fulfilling our goal of being more in order to provide fast repairs at the best prices, both centers Laptops repair service offer services without prior appointment required. If you need a repair for your Laptop urgently, we can also offer a service while you wait for certain types of repairs.
All information repairs are carried out on site in our workshops that are fully equipped with everything necessary for our team of experienced technicians to carry out any type of Dell laptop repair. The UAE Technician Dell Laptop repair service is not only the fastest but also the most economical since we do not need to send your Laptop back to the manufacturer for repair.

UAE Technician: Dell service center Dubai

Our Laptop Repair Workshop Works with major brands and models of laptops such as Acer, Apple, Alienware, Dell, Sony and Toshiba, LG, HP. We maintain a large stock of spare parts, such as screens, keyboards, power connectors, memory cards, hard drives and motherboards. This means that in most cases we can complete the repair and replacement of work on the day of receipt of your equipment, although more complicated repairs may take a little longer.
 The UAE Technician equipment Repair Team has the experience to diagnose any type of problem quickly using the latest version of the diagnostic software and recommend the best solution. Our highly trained engineers can solve any hardware or software problem, including:
* Repairman or replacement of LCD and LED screens, hinges, keyboards, power connectors, fans and hard drives. Our technicians have the experience to do work with graphics chips, a service that some other laptop repair companies do not offer.
Our technicians can carry out repair at the component level on all types of motherboards and logic boards; replace hard drives and optical drives. We also advise on memory updates (RAM), CPU, graphics cards and hard drives.
 WE WORK EXCLUSIVELY WITH THE APPLE BRAND: We offer a full replacement and part repair service for all Apple laptops including MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro and Mac mini.
DATA RECOVERY: If the equipment is irreparably damaged we can perform the recovery of data from hard drives and other storage media and transfer of recovered data to a new hard drive.
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UAE Technician is happy to provide a quote for any Laptop repair and service you need. 

Monday, 30 October 2017

Problems with your Printers? Printer repair services in Dubai

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UAE Technician Printer repair services offers you an exclusive printer repair service  , completely solving the problems of laser printers, printers, inkjet, dot matrix printers, multifunction printers, photocopiers, fax and plotters of all brands ..

Our printer technical service consists of an electronic laboratory technologically equipped to perform the repair of printers in a short time. The permanent stock of parts *, of our technical service printers, allows us to attend quickly the repair of printers.

In our Printer repair services we have a staff of electronic and computer professionals to answer your questions about the operation of your printers. We have a printer repair service at home. The laboratory of our technical service has a printer test bench where we are able to reproduce the most demanding working conditions and with this we fully verify the functioning of your printer after its repair.

We guarantee spectacular results in the repair of printers. Website Home

HP printers technical service repair service throughout the community of Dubai and Abu Dhabi
HP printer service Guarantee in all repairs
Printers repair service Support configurations and endless services for your comfort
Printer service Budget without Commitment

HP printers technical service All Original Parts in repair of printers
HP printer technical service Interior and exterior cleaning in each repair of printers
Repair HP Dubai printer Original and compatible Consumables High quality
* Budget without commitment is not included in On-site interventions.
* The permanent stock of pieces refers to spare parts common to all printer models.
* For specific changes of a particular model, we have a large stock but not total.
* Consult specific deadline.

Method of work in the printer repair of our specialized Technical Service:

The objective is to be able to give our clients a guarantee and repair times that are unique in the market. Through our exclusive system of repair or arrangement we offer our customers a comprehensive reconditioning of your printer or laser or multifunctional printer for little more than the cost of an ordinary repair.
  • ·      We perform a thorough cleaning of the printer and mechanical elements with ultrasound or high pressure water.
  • ·     We replace all wear parts that are described in the procedure (Official Service Manual) of the specific printer model (those recommended by the manufacturer)
  • ·     UAE Technician replace the parts that cause the breakdown.
  •   We perform a preventive maintenance: repairing possible faults in the circuitry (soldering review, replacement of electronic components, etc.).
  • ·       Specific methodology for each printer model.
  • · With this repair system, most of the most frequent faults are avoided in each printer or multifunctional laser or ink model.
  • · Once the printer is assembled, we check its correct operation with a wide range of tests that reproduce the most demanding operating conditions.

With this procedure we assure our clients that they will have their printer or multifunctional machine in perfect working order and that once it has gone through our reconditioning process, it will be as good as new. Guaranteed.

Maintenance kit:

The most effective way to keep your laser printer or multifunctional functioning correctly is by changing the maintenance kit when appropriate according to the manufacturer's specifications.

The lifetime of the parts included in the maintenance kit for laser printers varies depending on the type of kit, the use that is given to the laser printer, the operating environment, the means of printing used or the maintenance performed.
Under heavy use, the laser printer loses the ability to pick up and direct the paper accurately, the rollers wear out, the print quality suffers, etc. 
The parts that suffer the most wear and tear from the use of a laser printer are which are included in the maintenance kit (Drum, Developer, Fuser, among others), so it is advisable to replace these parts with the maintenance kit when indicated by the machine itself (100,000 / 200,000 / 300,000 pages).
It is also advisable to carry out a thorough cleaning of the machine with every change of the maintenance kit.

With a maintenance kit installed by us you will have an absolutely new printer or multifunctional. Guaranteed

Friday, 27 October 2017

Computer Data recovery | Have you lost your data due to a computer failure?

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Can you no longer access photos stored on the memory card of your digital camera? UAE Technician can help you. Thanks to our experience, the use of the most advanced hardware and software technologies, the UAE leader in Data Recovery solutions, we are able to Computer data recovery, your most precious data from damaged hard drives and media, quickly, effectively and at affordable cost.
Erasing a file, formatting a hard drive, damage caused by natural events such as lightning, flooding is not a problem. UAE Technician operates at all levels and on any kind of support and operating system.

The Computer data recovery service is configured on a modular model:

Stage One: Problem Analysis
At customer support request, the customer provides UAETechniacian Operators with all the information necessary for a proper analysis of the problem in the specific context.
A questionnaire is compiled that gathers the key information needed to qualify the problem and prioritize (service level) as well as to initiate the diagnosis procedure.
The information gathering form is available in the links on the right of this page.
Second Phase: Fault Diagnosis
The laboratory identifies the nature and magnitude of the failure and verifies the possibility of intervening directly for recovery.
If the data is recoverable with our tools, the customer receives a copy of the technical report detailing the problem and spending estimate that varies due to the type of failure and the difficulty level of recovery.
If the data is recoverable only with UAE Technician, the world's leading provider of Computer Data Recovery in anechoic space, the service is sent to the partner for evaluation and estimation. An estimate and an analytical report of recoverable data are produced to the customer.

Third Phase: Data Recovery

When accepting a quote, recoverable data is transferred to a new medium and sent to the customer. If explicitly requested, we may also send the old media together with the new one; otherwise we will be responsible for the disposal.

Some customers of our Computer data recovery service: Dubai; Abu Dhabi; Al Barsha; Bur Dubai.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

End of Microsoft Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 Support | MS office Support

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The MS Office Support for Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Exchange 2007 products  will end in the coming months. This post describes the details and the solutions you can adopt.
Starting on April 11, 2017, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Windows Vista products will no longer be available. On October 10, 2017 will end the support for Microsoft Office 2007.

What does the end of MS office support mean?

When you talk about the end of MS office support, reference is made to the date from which Microsoft no longer provides:
  • ·         automatic corrections;
  • ·         updates, including security and bug fixes;
  • ·         Online technical support, both for a fee and for free.

With the continued growth of Cybercrime companies, to avoid operating blocks, must try to introduce solutions that offer continual updates in their work processes. This will safeguard you from possible intrusion due to software vulnerability.

How to address the end of Microsoft Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 support

Because Microsoft has ceased support for Office 2007 and Exchange 2007, it is time to move on to a new platform capable of meeting emerging business needs. Companies using these products must be able to find solutions that allow them to migrate from old software to new ones with simplicity.
UAE Technician offers services for both configurations and can help you migrate smoothly to a secure and supported platform. The solutions you can adopt are those for traditional desktop versions or the online versions in Cloud.

End of Microsoft Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 Support: Conclusions

Microsoft has marked the Office and Exchange Server 2007 support term for 2017. Businesses need to be able to migrate their data and work processes to more modern tools. This allows you to avoid the risk of intrusions or viruses, increasing. In this post we listed the consequences of end-of-life support and described the solutions you can take.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

How you fix your computer virus | Anti Virus Support

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Computer viruses, worms, and other malicious software can destroy important data, compromise security, and generate a large volume of network traffic. Infected computers can have a disastrous effect on UMKC's network and on the campus's ability to accomplish core business activities and instructional functions. In order to protect the campus computing infrastructure, users must have antivirus software installed on updated on their computers. We are providing best anti virus support in Dubai by our professional technician.

The Anti Virus support for Campus Computers

Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection is automatically installed on all campus Windows computers. It is also the preferred antivirus client for university-owned Macs. If you are having problems with your installation, please contact the IS Call Center or your IT Liaison.

Personal Computers Anti Virus support

Students living in the residence halls will need antivirus installed in order to access the network.
Microsoft offers Microsoft Security Essentials, a free consumer anti-virus product. It protects against viruses, spyware and other malicious software. It's available as a no-cost download for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Windows 8 has an integrated antivirus tool called Windows Defender.
Download Microsoft Security Essentials now.
There are other antivirus companies that will provide free antivirus software for non-commercial use. Examples of these include:
  • ·         AVG Antivirus for Windows and Mac
  • ·         Avast Home Edition  for Windows
  • ·         Antivir Personal Edition Classic for Windows and Mac
  • ·         ClamXav for Mac

While UMKC does not endorse any of these companies, you should be aware of your options for free virus protection if you do not wish to purchase antivirus software. Alternatively, you could purchase antivirus software from a vendor online or at a local electronics store. Some options include:
  • ·         Symantec for Windows and Mac
  • ·         McAfee for Windows and Mac
  • ·         Trend Micro for Windows and Mac

Updating Virus Definitions
All antivirus software makes use of virus definitions. These definitions allow antivirus software to recognize viruses. Since new viruses (and their variants) are released almost daily, it is important to regularly update your virus definitions. Most software programs allow you to schedule updates on a daily basis, which we recommend. Please note that campus computers are automatically configured to update at regular intervals, but it's very important that these options are configured for personally owned systems too.
Regular Scans

Most antivirus software will allow you to schedule weekly or monthly scans. By scheduling scans at regular intervals, you better protect yourself from new viruses. Please note that campus computers are automatically configured to scan at regular intervals, but it's very important that these options are configured for personally owned systems too.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Get the Authenticate MacBook Repair in Dubai by UAE Technician

Just like with a notebook is synonymous with the Apple Macbook devices often the graphics chip broken. Often, other components are also defective, eg due to fluid damage or fall damage. We offer you a competent MacBook repair in our specialist workshop with years of experience with Logic-Board repairs on low level basis.

Depending on the defect, different approaches are necessary in order to permanently remedy the fault.
Your expert Apple Mac Book repair shop in Dubai

The offer refers to the following repairs of Apple MacBook's:

Apple Macbook

Apple Macbook Pro Unibody (from 2008 - 2017) (13.3 "15.4" and 17 ")

Apple Macbook Air (from 2009 - 2017) (11.6 "13.3")

Mac error diagnostics and Logic board Repairs

First of all, the Logic Board is completely tested and the fault is determined with a circuit diagram and special measuring instruments.
In the case of a defective graphics chip or chipset, the chip is exchanged for a new one (chip exchange) since this is the only permanent repair solution. We take distance from repairs (reheating) or reballing (re-soldering), since this only fixes the fault at short notice and this occurs again after a short time.

Other defects such as a water damage, defective graphics memory, defective charging electronics, kernel panic, can also be remedied cost-effectively and reliably.

We can also install a new hard disk, upgrade the memory, change the keyboard or change the display. If your OSX system is defective, we will carry out the new installation for you and can back up your data as part of a data recovery, so that you can continue working as usual.
Our Best services by UAE Technician for Apple MacBook service:
Repairs of all Macbook generations
Logicboard Repair for fluid damage
Logicboard repair on chip-level basis (BGA, graphics chip)
Logicboard exchange (new or used)
Macbook Cleaning
Procurement of new batteries and power supplies
Upgrade: SSD hard drives, memory
Installation: from the Mac OSX operating system and applications
Exchange defective MacBook and IMac displays
Replacement of defective keyboards
MacSafe replacement
We repair these models:
Apple Macbook Repair
Apple Macbook Pro Repair
Apple Macbook Air Repair
iMac Repair
Mac Pro Repair
Apple Mac mini repairs

Thursday, 12 October 2017

How to Repair iPhone with Apple Logo Flashing on screen

How to Repair iPhone with Apple Logo Flashing on screen
iPhone with apple flashing flashing is a an unfortunately sudden problem that strikes a lot of users holding iPhone or iPad. When you experience this problem, your device is unusable and access to data is also unavailable.

By doing an on line search of possible solutions to this problem, you get several suggestions but unfortunately do not work or worsen the situation. If your iPhone is currently affected by this problem, read below to figure out how to fix it once and for all, and get the device running again.

Solution One:  Restore iPhone through iTunes

In most cases, the best possible solution to restore the iPhone with flashing apple logo is to restore the device to iTunes . The only problem with this process is that it can lead to a  total loss of data if you do not have a recent backup. Here are the steps to take this recovery:

Step 1: Connect the iPhone (or iPad) to your computer via USB cable, and then hold down the Home button on the device until it restarts.

Step 2: Release the power button and continue to hold down the Home button until you see the request to connect the device to iTunes on the device screen. You should see a USB cable pointing to the iTunes logo.

On your computer, open iTunes and a message like this: " There's some problem with the iPhone that requires updating or restoring ."

Solution Two:  Restore iPhone via Dr.Fone (with data retention)

If you do not want to delete all the data (photos, contacts, sms, chat whatsapps, videos, etc.) on your iPhone and at the same time want to solve the iPhone problem with flashing logo then we recommend using Dr.Fone for iOS , one of the best programs to recover deleted data from the iPhone and repair the iOS system of the device. Here's how to use it to repair iPhone with Apple Logo flashing. You can download this software through the link - https://drfone.wondershare.com/whatsapp/free-whatsapp-recovery-software.html

Step 3:  At the end of the download, Dr.Fone will automatically begin repairing your iPhone and you will finally be able to solve the "flashing apple" problem on your device!

Source By: http://uaetechnicianae.blogdigy.com/how-to-repair-iphone-with-apple-logo-flashing-on-screen-3938155

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Get best Acer repair services in Dubai

Acer Repair

Welcome to best acer repair services in Dubai:

  • Acer Laptop repair in Dubai.
  • Acer repair service for desktops and laptops
  • Repair of Acer motherboards
  • Reballing of GPU motherboards and North Bridge
  • Repair and replacement of Acer screens
  • Accessories, dvd, readers, Acer chargers
UAE Technician - Acer laptop and computer repair in Dubai. Today in the world the Acer brand has reached a recognized place in the computer market for its great features and technological breakthrough associated with its products, among which Laptop, notebooks, desktop computers, servers, monitors, tables and other peripherals, to which have been granted since its inception, an excellent reputation worldwide.

Due to the great development achieved by Acer laptops, as well as its wide deployment in the international market and mainly in UAE, UAETechnician, based in Dubai, has focused on providing the best repair services to their problems through a qualified service and guarantees to its products, in the area of repair as well as laptop services.

UAE technician team is specialized and certified in Acer repair:

That is why our team of technicians has specialized and currently specializes in the repair and support of this Acer brand of laptops, always providing the best solutions to their products and using the original spare parts and accessories for the equipment of this brand.

Among the main services we offer are: repair of motherboards and screens, DC connectors, reballing to integrated and graphic chips, BIOS update, drivers and other software, in addition to the installation of the operating system of your choice, whether this Windows , Linux or Mac OS X. All these services are performed in our workshop, but we also provide support and advice in the customer's own home and offices in Dubai, always ensuring the quality and professionalism in the provision of the same.

In carrying out our repair and maintenance work we use the most modern technologies and tools, always guaranteeing the full security and integrity of your Acer laptop and desktop computer. That is why we can ensure that your Acer laptop will be in the best hands of all Dubai. We also have the best rates in Dubai, also offering many options for making payments.

Call us @ 0557503724 for best services to laptop and desktop computer:

To provide the best services to laptops, desktop computers and other accessories throughout our Dubai in the shortest possible time and with due guarantees, our technicians are updated of the different technological advances of Acer and other brands of laptops through the participation of the same in different technical training courses, guaranteeing in this way an optimal, profitable and lasting repair to their equipment.

Our repair services are aimed at all types of computer and laptop customers, whether simple users or companies and larger entities that require specialized technical service.

For all of the above, we have secured a prestigious position in the repair services Acer and other brands in Dubai, always being our goal the full satisfaction of the customer before the service rendered, in order to become in this way the best solution of dubai to their laptops.

Contact Us – UAE Technician
Location : F1 SYSTEMS LLC
Address: Box No. 125076,
Dubai, Emirates.
Call Us (24*7) : 0557503724
Email Us : info@uaetechnician.ae

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