Friday, 27 October 2017

Computer Data recovery | Have you lost your data due to a computer failure?

Don’t worries call us at 0557503724 for computer data recovery in Dubai.

Can you no longer access photos stored on the memory card of your digital camera? UAE Technician can help you. Thanks to our experience, the use of the most advanced hardware and software technologies, the UAE leader in Data Recovery solutions, we are able to Computer data recovery, your most precious data from damaged hard drives and media, quickly, effectively and at affordable cost.
Erasing a file, formatting a hard drive, damage caused by natural events such as lightning, flooding is not a problem. UAE Technician operates at all levels and on any kind of support and operating system.

The Computer data recovery service is configured on a modular model:

Stage One: Problem Analysis
At customer support request, the customer provides UAETechniacian Operators with all the information necessary for a proper analysis of the problem in the specific context.
A questionnaire is compiled that gathers the key information needed to qualify the problem and prioritize (service level) as well as to initiate the diagnosis procedure.
The information gathering form is available in the links on the right of this page.
Second Phase: Fault Diagnosis
The laboratory identifies the nature and magnitude of the failure and verifies the possibility of intervening directly for recovery.
If the data is recoverable with our tools, the customer receives a copy of the technical report detailing the problem and spending estimate that varies due to the type of failure and the difficulty level of recovery.
If the data is recoverable only with UAE Technician, the world's leading provider of Computer Data Recovery in anechoic space, the service is sent to the partner for evaluation and estimation. An estimate and an analytical report of recoverable data are produced to the customer.

Third Phase: Data Recovery

When accepting a quote, recoverable data is transferred to a new medium and sent to the customer. If explicitly requested, we may also send the old media together with the new one; otherwise we will be responsible for the disposal.

Some customers of our Computer data recovery service: Dubai; Abu Dhabi; Al Barsha; Bur Dubai.

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