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How to Repair iPhone with Apple Logo Flashing on screen

How to Repair iPhone with Apple Logo Flashing on screen
iPhone with apple flashing flashing is a an unfortunately sudden problem that strikes a lot of users holding iPhone or iPad. When you experience this problem, your device is unusable and access to data is also unavailable.

By doing an on line search of possible solutions to this problem, you get several suggestions but unfortunately do not work or worsen the situation. If your iPhone is currently affected by this problem, read below to figure out how to fix it once and for all, and get the device running again.

Solution One:  Restore iPhone through iTunes

In most cases, the best possible solution to restore the iPhone with flashing apple logo is to restore the device to iTunes . The only problem with this process is that it can lead to a  total loss of data if you do not have a recent backup. Here are the steps to take this recovery:

Step 1: Connect the iPhone (or iPad) to your computer via USB cable, and then hold down the Home button on the device until it restarts.

Step 2: Release the power button and continue to hold down the Home button until you see the request to connect the device to iTunes on the device screen. You should see a USB cable pointing to the iTunes logo.

On your computer, open iTunes and a message like this: " There's some problem with the iPhone that requires updating or restoring ."

Solution Two:  Restore iPhone via Dr.Fone (with data retention)

If you do not want to delete all the data (photos, contacts, sms, chat whatsapps, videos, etc.) on your iPhone and at the same time want to solve the iPhone problem with flashing logo then we recommend using Dr.Fone for iOS , one of the best programs to recover deleted data from the iPhone and repair the iOS system of the device. Here's how to use it to repair iPhone with Apple Logo flashing. You can download this software through the link -

Step 3:  At the end of the download, Dr.Fone will automatically begin repairing your iPhone and you will finally be able to solve the "flashing apple" problem on your device!

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