Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Laptop Repair Service: Dell Service center Dubai

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In addition to our main laptop repair service location located in Dubai, UAE we have now opened an additional Dell Service center in Dubai, fulfilling our goal of being more in order to provide fast repairs at the best prices, both centers Laptops repair service offer services without prior appointment required. If you need a repair for your Laptop urgently, we can also offer a service while you wait for certain types of repairs.
All information repairs are carried out on site in our workshops that are fully equipped with everything necessary for our team of experienced technicians to carry out any type of Dell laptop repair. The UAE Technician Dell Laptop repair service is not only the fastest but also the most economical since we do not need to send your Laptop back to the manufacturer for repair.

UAE Technician: Dell service center Dubai

Our Laptop Repair Workshop Works with major brands and models of laptops such as Acer, Apple, Alienware, Dell, Sony and Toshiba, LG, HP. We maintain a large stock of spare parts, such as screens, keyboards, power connectors, memory cards, hard drives and motherboards. This means that in most cases we can complete the repair and replacement of work on the day of receipt of your equipment, although more complicated repairs may take a little longer.
 The UAE Technician equipment Repair Team has the experience to diagnose any type of problem quickly using the latest version of the diagnostic software and recommend the best solution. Our highly trained engineers can solve any hardware or software problem, including:
* Repairman or replacement of LCD and LED screens, hinges, keyboards, power connectors, fans and hard drives. Our technicians have the experience to do work with graphics chips, a service that some other laptop repair companies do not offer.
Our technicians can carry out repair at the component level on all types of motherboards and logic boards; replace hard drives and optical drives. We also advise on memory updates (RAM), CPU, graphics cards and hard drives.
 WE WORK EXCLUSIVELY WITH THE APPLE BRAND: We offer a full replacement and part repair service for all Apple laptops including MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro and Mac mini.
DATA RECOVERY: If the equipment is irreparably damaged we can perform the recovery of data from hard drives and other storage media and transfer of recovered data to a new hard drive.
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UAE Technician is happy to provide a quote for any Laptop repair and service you need. 

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