Monday, 30 October 2017

Problems with your Printers? Printer repair services in Dubai

Contact us @ 0557503724 for Printer repair services quickly in all our Dubai.

UAE Technician Printer repair services offers you an exclusive printer repair service  , completely solving the problems of laser printers, printers, inkjet, dot matrix printers, multifunction printers, photocopiers, fax and plotters of all brands ..

Our printer technical service consists of an electronic laboratory technologically equipped to perform the repair of printers in a short time. The permanent stock of parts *, of our technical service printers, allows us to attend quickly the repair of printers.

In our Printer repair services we have a staff of electronic and computer professionals to answer your questions about the operation of your printers. We have a printer repair service at home. The laboratory of our technical service has a printer test bench where we are able to reproduce the most demanding working conditions and with this we fully verify the functioning of your printer after its repair.

We guarantee spectacular results in the repair of printers. Website Home

HP printers technical service repair service throughout the community of Dubai and Abu Dhabi
HP printer service Guarantee in all repairs
Printers repair service Support configurations and endless services for your comfort
Printer service Budget without Commitment

HP printers technical service All Original Parts in repair of printers
HP printer technical service Interior and exterior cleaning in each repair of printers
Repair HP Dubai printer Original and compatible Consumables High quality
* Budget without commitment is not included in On-site interventions.
* The permanent stock of pieces refers to spare parts common to all printer models.
* For specific changes of a particular model, we have a large stock but not total.
* Consult specific deadline.

Method of work in the printer repair of our specialized Technical Service:

The objective is to be able to give our clients a guarantee and repair times that are unique in the market. Through our exclusive system of repair or arrangement we offer our customers a comprehensive reconditioning of your printer or laser or multifunctional printer for little more than the cost of an ordinary repair.
  • ·      We perform a thorough cleaning of the printer and mechanical elements with ultrasound or high pressure water.
  • ·     We replace all wear parts that are described in the procedure (Official Service Manual) of the specific printer model (those recommended by the manufacturer)
  • ·     UAE Technician replace the parts that cause the breakdown.
  •   We perform a preventive maintenance: repairing possible faults in the circuitry (soldering review, replacement of electronic components, etc.).
  • ·       Specific methodology for each printer model.
  • · With this repair system, most of the most frequent faults are avoided in each printer or multifunctional laser or ink model.
  • · Once the printer is assembled, we check its correct operation with a wide range of tests that reproduce the most demanding operating conditions.

With this procedure we assure our clients that they will have their printer or multifunctional machine in perfect working order and that once it has gone through our reconditioning process, it will be as good as new. Guaranteed.

Maintenance kit:

The most effective way to keep your laser printer or multifunctional functioning correctly is by changing the maintenance kit when appropriate according to the manufacturer's specifications.

The lifetime of the parts included in the maintenance kit for laser printers varies depending on the type of kit, the use that is given to the laser printer, the operating environment, the means of printing used or the maintenance performed.
Under heavy use, the laser printer loses the ability to pick up and direct the paper accurately, the rollers wear out, the print quality suffers, etc. 
The parts that suffer the most wear and tear from the use of a laser printer are which are included in the maintenance kit (Drum, Developer, Fuser, among others), so it is advisable to replace these parts with the maintenance kit when indicated by the machine itself (100,000 / 200,000 / 300,000 pages).
It is also advisable to carry out a thorough cleaning of the machine with every change of the maintenance kit.

With a maintenance kit installed by us you will have an absolutely new printer or multifunctional. Guaranteed

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