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How to Create a Free Email Address

How to Create a Free Email Address


Despite the fact that the Internet is now part of the daily newspaper you have always preferred to keep away from it. However, as time goes on, your needs may change, so here, here, on my site, you are eager to expand your knowledge about it without having to ask advice to your most experienced friends. What you would like to know, to be precise, is how to get an e-mail address or rather, which services it is best to address and especially how to have one without having to put your hand to the purse.
I am wrong? No, here it is. Well, then let's do this: give me a few minutes of your precious time, and I'll explain to you, by thread and sign, how to create a free email address , which is much easier and quicker in practice than in theory. Useful services for the purpose are different, all of which are sufficiently reliable. You choose, amongst the various things that I will give you here below, what you think can do most to your case and follow the instructions to create a mail account right away.
Ah, almost forgot, once you've created your email account, you can use it not only from the Web, by connecting to the reference service site, but also through client computers and / or apps, smartphones and tablets, both official and non-official. It will therefore be up to you to choose how to use it to be able to use your email at its best. That said ... good reading!
The first service I would suggest you use to create a free email address is Gmail . Have not you ever heard of it? Strange, very, very, strange ... is practically the most famous of the category. Anyway, there is no problem, we will remedy it immediately. It's a solution made in  Google , it's completely free and offers up to 15GB of storage for data storage. Creating a Gmail account not only gives you the ability to manage e-mail from any platform (Web, desktop, smartphone, and tablet), but also to access all your company services (eg YouTube, Google Maps, Google Drive etc.).

To create an email address with Gmail, the first crucial step you need to accomplish is connect to the service site  and click on the Create an account button .

On the new web page that will open, fill out the form that is offered with the required info, such as: name, last name, username ( ), password to use to access mail, birth date, sex membership, mobile number (optional but recommended), alternative email address (optional but recommended) and country of origin. Piggy then on the button Next step to go to the next step.

Then, scroll down on the screen pane and click the Accept button   to accept Google privacy and service terms then click on the Continue button  and open Gmail  to be redirected to the main screen of the famous mail and start immediately to serve it.

rom now on, whenever you want, you can access Gmail from any computer and from any browser by clicking here and typing your access data (if required). Messages, contacts, and attachments will always be synchronized from any location. If you want to use mobile service through the official app for Android and iOS, just download it and type your login details to your account on the main screen so that you can immediately serve it.

Do you want to configure your Gmail account on a traditional mail client or on a third-party smartphone and tablet app? Then you can follow the instructions I've provided in my article on setting up Gmail as well as those that are attached to  the official help page .

Saturday, 25 November 2017

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How to adjust the mouse to the size of the palm and grip?

 How to adjust the mouse to the size of the palm and grip?

You know what acceleration, interpolation or LOD are. Now it's time for more practical advice, how to adjust the mouse to the size of the palm and the handle used.
Some people may seem strange, but not everyone uses a computer mouse in this way. It's not that some people have office rods they use for work, and others are more advanced players. The differences are in how we keep the mouse. If we find out, it will be easier for us to match the mouse to ourselves. The second, very important aspect is the size of our hand. First things first.
How do you keep the mouse?

This is the first question everyone should answer. There are three basic gripes that differ considerably from one another. For every other type of mouse is recommended, so this issue should not be underestimated.
The most popular grip, used by most people. It depends on the position of the whole hand on the mouse. There are two variants in this grip: 1-2-2 and 1-3-1. These numbers indicate how many fingers we hold on each side of the device. In the 1-2-2 thumb (most popular) thumb is on the left side of the mouse, on the top (on the buttons) we hold two consecutive, and on the right side there are cordial and small fingers. In the second variant, 1-3-1, we have thumb on the left side, up to three fingers (on both buttons and roll) and on the right side only a small finger. Palm-grip is the most comfortable grip for most people. The hand rests on the mouse, so it is not too tiring. Movements are fast and precise. A great advantage is the large stabilization. For this purpose, the mouse is most suitable for ergonomic design.
This is the second kind of grip. The name is not without reason comes from claws. In this grip, the fingers are arranged in the shape of claws, with the buttons touching only the pads. At the same time, the middle part of the hand is raised above the mouse. Claw-grip is recommended for people who move primarily with their fingers and with a wrist. Unfortunately, the grip can be tiring and not as precise as the palm-grip. Here, symmetrical mice (not profiled) with higher back are recommended.
This is the last of the three most popular grips. It is also the hardest to describe. It can be said that it is a combination of two previous. The fingers and palm are arranged in the same way as the palm-grip, but at the same time we slide them away from the mouse. In this way, only the fingertips touch the rodent and the small part of the palm. Therefore, in this grip, movements are also performed primarily with the fingers and wrist. Same as claw-grip, it can be tiresome for longer sessions. The advantage is high control precision, though not as large as the palm-grip. Smaller mice are recommended for fingertip-grip.
Of course not all gripes. But these three are the most popular, and all others are minor modifications of the basic types. I suspect that with palm-grip, claw-grip and fingertip-grip uses over 90 percent. people, although I have no confirmation on this.

So how to measure the length of your hand?

The second issue is the size of the hand. Some have larger, others average, and still others are small. This is very important in choosing the right mouse. I would say that this is a key issue. But first you need to know how to measure your hand. We do not do this from the wrist to the end of the longest finger, as many people would be able to spend.
To begin with, we need to place your thumb perpendicular to the other fingers. Then we have to imagine a line running through the center of the palm, which is designated by our thumb. We now measure the distance from the middle finger to this imaginary line. If it is difficult to understand, then the following graphic will perfectly explain everything.
In this way we get the length of your hand. We should go out a dozen centimeters. In my case it is exactly 13.5 cm.

How to adjust the mouse to the size of the palm?

Since we already know what grip we use and know what length we have, we can start looking for specific models:
In case of palm-grip, we should look for a mice with roughly the same length as our hand. Obviously 0.5 centimeters in one way or the other will not make a big difference.
If we use claw-grip , we have to look for mice slightly smaller. The best models will be symmetrical (not profiled) about 1-2 cm shorter than our hand.
At the end we still have fingertip-grip . Here also the best should be symmetrical mice. Profiled will not work well because the hand is slightly offset from the device. It is worth looking for rodent 1 cm shorter than our hand. So is my case. I use fingertip-grip, so for my mouse I chose Dream Machines DM 1 Pro. It is 12.5 cm long, so exactly 1 cm less than my hand.
The above method is quite universal on how to fit the mouse to the size of the palm. Works for most users. Gives some idea of ​​what devices to look for at all. Remember, there is no substitute for grabbing a model in the store and checking if it's comfortable in our hand.

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14 best Firefox extension programs to add efficiency to 2017

Firefox is not the most popular browser in the world (it is now Google Chrome), but there are still many loyal users. In recent years, I've been stunned, and I'm finally making my way back to this year, switching to a bigger version with the latest version of Firefox, Quantum. According to Mozilla, Firefox Quantum is up to 2 times faster than previous versions of Firefox. (You can download it here and try it out for yourself.) 

Firefox is by itself an all-around beauty, but it can be more useful if you install a variety of extensions that improve performance and improve user workflow. I found the most popular extension of Firefox and the best reviewer. Here are 14 of the best Firefox extensions to enhance Firefox.


iMacros is an extension that automates many repetitive tasks that users face online. Users who are tired of endless forms and password-entry requests can use this extension to save a lot of time and avoid troublesome things. Create macros for a variety of purposes to simplify browsing and handle tedious tasks quickly. The most popular uses include filling out personal forms, starting a login, automating downloads and uploads, extracting data into a CSV file, testing site performance, and social bookmarking scripting. 

 Yeah Grammarly

It is a tool to help prevent confusing grammatical errors in important correspondence and documents. You need to create an account to use it, but less than 400 monthly grammar / spellchecks are free. For more than that, you have to pay an annual fee of $ 140. Contextual errors, often confusing words, subject and verb matching problems can also be detected. Works on many popular sites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but Google Drive and Google Docs are not supported. 

Awesome Screenshot Plus

This extension is recommended if the default screenshot option does not make sense. You can capture entire or specific parts of a web page and then annotate the image with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines, and text. In addition, it is possible to limit the portion of the image that is stored in the final image by blurring the sensitive information. The company that developed this extension recently launched its own image hosting and sharing service under the same name. You can just save the image directly to your computer without using this option. 

Xmarks Sync:

It is difficult to consistently manage your bookmarks when using different browsers on different devices. With Xmarksync, you can solve this problem by backing up and synchronizing your bookmarks in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari (Mac OS), and Chrome. To use it, you need to create an account. It's free for desktop users, but it costs $ 1 a month for iOS, BlackBerry and Android devices.

Gmail Notifier: Emails are not just a smile. This is because it interferes with daily work and makes it difficult to concentrate on immediate tasks. Using this extension does not solve all of your email issues, but you can streamline how and when you receive email notifications. It supports multiple Gmail accounts, and can be customized to receive notifications about emails with specific labels already created by Gmail. You can now receive notifications for important messages without having to keep the browser tab open for email messages.

Evernote Web Clipper: Evernote is the most popular web clips and notes app in the cloud. The Evernote Web Clipper extension allows you to use the most popular features of this app right out of Firefox. Users can clip pages and documents to save in Evernote, annotate screenshots to highlight what they want on the page, and share their pages with colleagues to get feedback or work together. In addition, the user can search related memos in the Evernote account, set the above functions for the memo clips, and configure the app environment to suit the tastes through keyboard shortcuts and option settings.
DownThemAll: is a free open source download manager that can speed up downloads by up to 400%. Users can quickly download all links or images on a particular page, and customize them to filter files or file types. With one click, you can index the entire page, automatically download the file you want, and automatically change the filename to suit your needs.

Amazon Assistant
The most popular features of are available right from Firefox. It shows the rating and price of the product that Firefox users are looking for, and also tells you which products are comparable when you feel it is necessary. It also automatically notifies you when today's discounts begin, and notifies you when your order is shipped and shipped. In addition, you can view a list of desired products and search for specific products with a single click. The Amazon Assistant replaces the recently discarded Amazon OneButton app.
Privacy and security
DuckDuckGo: Duckdeok is a search engine that respects user's personal information by not tracking query, IP address or other online activity. Fortunately, the core of the Firefox extension program is search that gives priority to privacy. However, it also provides the ability to block the ad tracker and, if possible, force the site to use an encrypted connection.

Instead of using a method that provides users with targeted and relevant results based on their search histories and other behavioral indicators, they instead show intentional search results for a given query. The market share of the search engine market is very low, but since 2014, it has become a search engine option in Safari and Firefox.
Passwords and login names are designed to identify your identity and protect your personal data, but few people can remember or remember all the passwords you need during the day. By creating a master password and account with Last Pass, you can safely back up all your passwords and login names in one place. It automatically enters the user's login information and is synchronized on multiple devices. Typical features are provided free of charge, and users with a family password sharing or advanced two-factor authentication option also receive an annual $ 24 fee.
Adblock Plus:
Adblock Plus is by far the most popular Firefox extension. According to Mozilla, the number of users is 13.4 million. This tool blocks most of the ads that interfere when browsing the web. It is also possible to allow ads on very few sites that adhere to online advertising standards. The Adblock Plus creator bought the anger of the advertising industry, but the huge number of users is a clear indicator of how current users are seeing online advertising.
UBlock Origin:
The second most popular Firefox extension is also an ad blocker, a u-block origin that is used by 3.65 million people. You can turn it on and off on a page-by-page basis, and see details of all blocked ads, scripts, and cookies. Compared to other tools that have the same functionality, memory and CPU utilization are also low, making them very popular among ad blockers.
The Ghostery Ghostly
Extension program blocks trackers that degrade the performance of your computer and even share your personal information with third parties without your knowledge. It displays a report on the page directly on the tracker associated with each site you visit, which includes information about the purpose of each tracker and how it is collected and preserved. You can also set the tracker to block or trust by site or category.
Windscribe A
VPN and ad blocking that helps you circumvent content restrictions based on your location, prevent personal information leakage during web browsing, and block ad or tracker access. One connection is free for up to 10GB of monthly data usage and must be validated by providing a valid email address. Online 10GB of data is quickly exhausted, so it is very likely that you will soon reach the limit. To get rid of the data usage limit, you have to purchase a paid option of $ 9 per month.

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The new Google Home Mini speaker is coming!

Rumors about a new Google speaker were so real.

Indeed, the American firm has just presented its novelty in the field, the Google Home Mini, which looks like a very accessible product.
A novelty in Google Signed Speaker
If it is especially the new smartphones Pixel 2 that were highly anticipated at the last conference held by Google, the company has also presented its novelty in terms of connected speaker, the Google Home Mini.
It turns out to be a mini format smart speaker from the Google Home ecosystem. This last connected speaker is known to ship the voice assistant of the firm of the American giant, namely Google Assistant, a system derived from artificial intelligence. With Google Home Mini, we find Google Assistant. The speaker can also connect to a Chromecast.
Regarding the aesthetics of the Google Home Mini, everything has been done so that it can blend easily in the home and in all rooms. The speaker should be available in the following colors: coral, chalk and pink, white and black. Another interesting element concerning the latter: its price.
Features of the Google Home Mini
Indeed, the Google Home Mini should be sold in the United States at $ 49, but $ 80 in Canada, this gap may surprise. However, the new speaker of Google should be available in France at 59 euros, which makes it an extremely accessible product. You should know that most connected speakers often cost more than one hundred euros.
This is particularly the case of the HomePod, whose price exceeds three hundred euros, this is explained by the high-end positioning of Apple. With a price set at less than one hundred euros, the Google Mini could well beat sales records.

You can get pre-order this mini speaker in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, but especially in France. The Google Mini should be delivered around October 17, including signs such as Fnac, Boulanger, Darty, Leclerc or the store Google.

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