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How to Create a Free Email Address

How to Create a Free Email Address


Despite the fact that the Internet is now part of the daily newspaper you have always preferred to keep away from it. However, as time goes on, your needs may change, so here, here, on my site, you are eager to expand your knowledge about it without having to ask advice to your most experienced friends. What you would like to know, to be precise, is how to get an e-mail address or rather, which services it is best to address and especially how to have one without having to put your hand to the purse.
I am wrong? No, here it is. Well, then let's do this: give me a few minutes of your precious time, and I'll explain to you, by thread and sign, how to create a free email address , which is much easier and quicker in practice than in theory. Useful services for the purpose are different, all of which are sufficiently reliable. You choose, amongst the various things that I will give you here below, what you think can do most to your case and follow the instructions to create a mail account right away.
Ah, almost forgot, once you've created your email account, you can use it not only from the Web, by connecting to the reference service site, but also through client computers and / or apps, smartphones and tablets, both official and non-official. It will therefore be up to you to choose how to use it to be able to use your email at its best. That said ... good reading!
The first service I would suggest you use to create a free email address is Gmail . Have not you ever heard of it? Strange, very, very, strange ... is practically the most famous of the category. Anyway, there is no problem, we will remedy it immediately. It's a solution made in  Google , it's completely free and offers up to 15GB of storage for data storage. Creating a Gmail account not only gives you the ability to manage e-mail from any platform (Web, desktop, smartphone, and tablet), but also to access all your company services (eg YouTube, Google Maps, Google Drive etc.).

To create an email address with Gmail, the first crucial step you need to accomplish is connect to the service site  and click on the Create an account button .

On the new web page that will open, fill out the form that is offered with the required info, such as: name, last name, username ( ), password to use to access mail, birth date, sex membership, mobile number (optional but recommended), alternative email address (optional but recommended) and country of origin. Piggy then on the button Next step to go to the next step.

Then, scroll down on the screen pane and click the Accept button   to accept Google privacy and service terms then click on the Continue button  and open Gmail  to be redirected to the main screen of the famous mail and start immediately to serve it.

rom now on, whenever you want, you can access Gmail from any computer and from any browser by clicking here and typing your access data (if required). Messages, contacts, and attachments will always be synchronized from any location. If you want to use mobile service through the official app for Android and iOS, just download it and type your login details to your account on the main screen so that you can immediately serve it.

Do you want to configure your Gmail account on a traditional mail client or on a third-party smartphone and tablet app? Then you can follow the instructions I've provided in my article on setting up Gmail as well as those that are attached to  the official help page .

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