Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Laptop Repair in Dubai, Call us @ 0557503724

Do you have a problem with your computer? Do not panic ! We are here !

We repair all brands of computers! Acer ,  Asus , Compaq ,  Dell ,  HP , Gateway ,  Lenovo ,  MSI ,  Samsung ,   Sony ,  Toshiba.

We also repair all types of problems: Broken Screen, Keyboard Replacement, Power Connector Repair, Overheating Problem, Standalone Computer, Fan Replacement, Keyboard Replacement and more.

Here are the problems most encountered in our UAE Technical Repair centre. Everyone knows a laptop is much more fragile than a desktop computer or a standard tower. The laptop has significant benefits but also has risks related to its mobile use. Here is the list of symptoms and the repair possibilities offered by our workshop.

Defective keypad - Too often on the kitchen table with a good coffee, a glass of water or a good cup of wine and the minute of then we invert the precious liquid on our keyboard it results in a malfunction. What you need to do immediately is unplug and remove the battery. Do not press the buttons to do more damage. Simply mop up the surplus. If it's water, you can dry it for a few days in a warm, dry place, but in the case of another liquid, it will stick to the inside of the keyboard and prevent contact from happening. You can change the keyboard of any laptop and it usually requires little disassembly.

Broken screen - Who says mobile says mobility and often we change parts or lug around in a bag but sometimes it hits on a corner of the wall and it can cause a break in the screen. Fortunately, again we can change the screen and it is still an operation not very long in terms of time but it is more expensive due to the price of the screen. If you still want to use your laptop there is always an output that allows you to connect the laptop to an external display. This can be a temporary or permanent solution if needed.

Defective battery- The battery of a laptop that is always connected will rarely go beyond two years. In this case, either you buy a new battery or it is deprived if you do not mind always having to be connected you will not see any difference. There is an increasingly recurring problem that we are seeing. This is because the place where we connect our AC adapter no longer recharges our battery or does not power our laptop. The majority of the time is that pines inside the electrical connection that breaks and stops feeding the laptop or makes contact randomly. This repair is often possible but it involves a lot of disassembly and not all laptops that this part is replaceable and to find out it is often necessary to disassemble the notebook. So always pay attention to how you connect your notebook to its power source. Try to have the straightest wire possible without bending it too much at the connector's entrance so you do not force it and break the contacts in the long run.

Portable overheating  - Just like fixed towers, laptops suck full of small particles of dust and as it is very compact, in a short time, the single and small fan is filled with dust and animal hair and extracted the more heat generated by the processor. If a household is not done quickly, overheating may occur and break down your equipment. So once every 6 months you should spray air so as to expel the dust and not get it into the important laptop. Often, these fans can also stop turning due to mechanical failure. They can easily be changed without much expense.

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