Wednesday, 6 December 2017

How to recover a deleted Gmail account, Call us @ 0557503724

Recovering your Google account is not difficult, despite warnings that it will be permanently deleted. However, this should be done quickly because it is only for a while after deleting the account.
Deleting a Google account is not possible by chance. For example, unlike deleting an account on an Android phone. Anyway, if I deleted my account and something went wrong or changed my mind, I can restore my account.

This also applies to your Gmail account. Gmail is an email service and is part of a Google account, so you can not actually email without an account. 

Gmail account restoration period, two to three weeks

Google has a two to three week grace period in which to recover the account, and says it can send email to Gmail. 

This recovery process will restore the Google Drive documents and reactivate all other accounts for Google's services, such as YouTube, Google Play, and fetch their purchased content, such as movies, books, music, and more. If you have a subscription service, you may need to re-subscribe because your subscription may have been canceled. 

Just a quick look at the steps to recovering a deleted account. First go to Google's account support page. 

Answer the security question to verify that the account is the real person. If you cannot remember the account's most recent password, but you have an old account or other information, such as a recent backup phone number, it's possible.

If you find that you are the person, follow the instructions to restore your account.
However, the restoration process can take a long time and you should be patient. While waiting, prepare a new strong password for your account.

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