Friday, 1 December 2017

Laptop computer can not replace CPU ,CPU should be selected at time of purchase

There are various types of personal computers such as desktop PCs, laptop computers, tablets, etc. The smaller the equipment, the less parts you can customize after purchase.

The fact that custom after purchase is difficult means that you need to check the spec firmly before purchasing. Among them, it is almost impossible to replace the CPU of a laptop computer.
So, let me introduce how to select CPUs when purchasing.

Can not replace CPU of laptop computer? !

The CPU is the so-called brainstorm part of the personal computer.
It is a small part and it is installed on the motherboard part of the notebook computer.

Although you think that you can understand well by actually trying to disassemble the notebook computer, the motherboard of the notebook computer incorporates various equipment and it is very difficult to expand.
Especially when you try to change from a low spec CPU to a high spec one it will be almost impossible to change the size.

Also, even if you can actually replace it, you will not be able to deny the possibility that your computer will not start up properly, as it will damage the CPU and peripheral devices when removing or installing the CPU. It is also necessary to know that there is a lot of risk involved in CPU replacement.

High-performance laptops are large in size

Well, I explained that it is almost impossible to replace the CPU.
If it is difficult to replace the CPU, the laptop computer needs to decide the CPU before purchasing.

One guideline is the size of the laptop.

If the size is large, you can install various devices, but if the size is small, what can be installed is limited.

The CPU is similar.

Therefore, if you focus on the function of the CPU, you will absolutely need a larger laptop computer, that is, A4 size or larger.

If you value functionality such as tablet, CPU performance must be compromised.

Select by spec 

Even if you say a CPU with a bite, various kinds are sold.

First of all, it is important to clarify the purpose whether to emphasize specs, to emphasize cost, to take the middle of both.

For example, if you choose a CPU with emphasis on specs, a so-called high-end, high class laptop computer comes into view.

Intel's Core i 7 series and so on are applicable for high-performance CPUs.

It is a CPU suitable for applications requiring high performance such as video editing and game PC.
If you want to make it as high as possible to a laptop with as high a spec as possible, it is a good idea to select one with Core i7.

Also, since it is difficult to replace the CPU after PC purchase, I recommend you to purchase it carefully.
Select by cost

In the case of so-called low price laptop computers of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands yen or less, low specification CPUs such as entry class and low class are used.
For example, Intel's Pentium and Celeron series.

A good aspect such as an entry class is that you can buy a laptop computer at a low price.
After all, if you ask for the performance of the CPU, as the result also specs of other hardware equipment such as attached memory will rise, price will also rise.

Choose this type if you do not need high specifications such as browsing the Internet or creating documents, and want to place importance on cost.

An intermediate CPU with specifications and cost


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