Friday, 1 December 2017

Temporary Global Failure for WhatsApp

Thursday, November 30 evening, a new keyword buzzait on social networks: WhatsAppDown . As you can see, users of WhatsApp instant messaging were amazed and dissatisfied because their favorite email was out of order for nearly 40 minutes , barely a month after another outage. important part of the network.

According to , a community site tracking service interruptions on many sites and apps, the blackout lasted just under an hour and hit Western Europe hardest. , northern Europe and southern Brazil, but the blackout also spread to other parts of South America and parts of the United States. A spokesman for WhatsApp confirmed the breakdown and its repair to the British newspaper Metro , but gave no explanation of the causes of the problem.

This is the third worldwide breakdown of WhatsApp since the beginning of the year 2017 , but it is especially the second serious breakdown in less than a month : another quite important failure had occurred on November 3 and hit a good part of the one billion people enrolled in the service. With such a large volume of users, WhatsApp can not really afford the slightest breakdown because it quickly takes on huge proportions ..

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