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How to Update Windows 10 April Update (version 1803)

From April 30, 2018 you can download and install Windows 10 April Update, new update to version 1803

As we are used to, the time has come for the first update of 2018 for Windows 10, which continues to improve every six months with new version updates that everyone can download and install for free.
After the Fall Creators Updated November 2017 , the April Update is a further step in the gradual implementation of Fluent Design in Windows, moving almost all the options from the Control Panel to the Windows 10 Settings menu.

Starting the day Today, the update request for version 1803 of Windows 10 will begin to appear on computers all over the world, but since the release will be gradual, it may take months to see this notification on your desktop.

For sure, starting from April 30, 2018 , Microsoft will make available the download of the new version of Windows 10 April Update in its download page of the Media Creation Tool, which still remains the tool to be used to create the disk or USB pen installation of the system.

Only from May 8th the update will be available via Windows Update for desktop PCs, laptops and even the newest pre-installed tablets that have been tested to be compatible with the new April Update .

To upgrade to Windows 10 April Update you need to have already installed the latest version prior to this, ie 1709.
To do this check you must go to Settings> System> About .

If it is written version 1709, it means that the PC is not yet updated with the latest version of April 2018, while if it was already written 1803, then it means that Windows 10 has already been updated.
Remaining in the Windows 10 Settings, you can search for new updates to download in the Update and Security section by pressing the Check for updates button .

Although the development of Windows 10 April Update is now complete and ready for deployment, Microsoft will make a gradual release of the April Update .

The prudence in installing the Windows 10 updates serves, above all, to protect business and corporate customers, who require no interruption of operations and often use sensitive programs.
During the initial launch, Microsoft will collect telemetry data, feedback from customers, consumers and device manufacturers, expanding, based on these data, the deployment and implementation of version 1803.

Microsoft also uses a strategy to put a lock on devices who may encounter problems with new updates, keeping the restriction until they are sure the problem has been fixed.

In other words, who has a personalized PC, who uses special programs or not tested with Windows 10, who uses device drivers and hardware parts not certified or not officially supported because old, will not receive this update soon and will have to wait a few months.

For individual PC users and laptops, however, there should be no problem downloading and installing the update immediately without waiting for the Windows Update service to notify you.
As in the past, you can press the Update Now button on the Windows 10 download page .
The Microsoft Update Assistant it's just an installer that allows you to force the update to the April Update version, both when Windows Update is not working properly, or if you just want to speed up the time.

The April Update version will be available in Italy from 19.00 on 30 April.

From the same download page you can also press the button to download the Windows 10 installation tool , the one used to create the installation disk.

Also in this way it is possible to force the update of Windows 10, obviously without deleting any personal files, keeping intact all the programs and the installed app and without changes to the configurations.

The installation tool is especially useful for its option of clean installation of Windows 10 that removes all programs and resets the settings to the factory values ​​(still keeping personal files).

Forcing the update is not something that can cause problems to the computer , because even in case of failure, Windows 10 will automatically restore the latest working version, canceling any changes.
Moreover, as already explained several times, it is possible, even after installation, to return to the previous version of Windows 10 , in case there were other problems.

Among the main features of Windows 10 April Update that will be listed and explained in another article, we can briefly report the four most important:

Windows Timeline : to review past activities on the PC and other devices connected to the used Microsoft account.

 New version of Microsoft Edge
 Focus Assist , to silence application notifications.
 Dictation , a new simplified dictation mode.

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